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惠妮休斯頓 Whitney Houston - Greatest love of all
Uploaded at 2010-05-09
Comments: 2
This is the Piano Accompaniment Version only. I really wanna sing this song to mum someday, and I decide to sing it to her on the Mother's Day this year (2010). Guess I can't find any of the instrument (acoustic) version, and I'm here searching for a m
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[免費樂譜] epilogue
Uploaded at 2009-07-08
Comments: 2
無意中找到這個midi,我把它轉為overture。雖然我不知道它來自哪一個anime, 但其旋律也蠻好聽的。不是一首快歌,所以請以放鬆的心情有耐性地去欣賞。
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[免費樂譜] RF Online -- The One
Uploaded at 2013-08-23
Comments: 2
Just by chance listened to that song and luckily found this awesome music sheet when surfing lol and it is just for sharing, goman... hope you will like and enjoy *smiles
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