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After the Rain -【1.2.3 精靈寶可夢】鋼琴演奏版
This is a 1 page sample along with sheet music player. Full sheet music contains 3 pages
Format of sheet muisc file is pdf
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Uploaded at: 2022-10-05
本曲為After the Rain -【1.2.3 精靈寶可夢】鋼琴演奏版,本改編版保留原曲搖滾風格的細節,並且移植到鍵盤上演奏,為一首輕快的曲子,演奏時務必留意臨時升降記號方能使之悅耳動人!
電鋼琴半夜彈琴可戴耳機不怕吵, 空間輕巧又便宜

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