Blackpink Jisoo-FLOWER 鋼琴原調獨奏樂譜(附和弦以及原調版本)
This page shows 1 page sample along with sheet music player. Full sheet music contains 4 pages
Format of sheet music file is pdf
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Uploaded at: 2023-05-08
Blackpink Jisoo所演唱的"FLOWER",路易斯製作成鋼琴原調獨奏樂譜,全曲總共4頁,原調為a小調,a小調放在首頁(無轉調),可選擇列印你所需要的前4頁,試聽音檔是由Sibelius轉檔而成,演奏時可加入個人情感進去。
This uploader LouisLiao of this sheet music has passed the quality certification, welcome to click me to ask him to make a score for you