Heize - 讓我停步吧(Hold Me Back)(韓劇"淚之女王" OST P3)(鋼琴獨奏譜附和弦 原調演奏版-內含Bb及C大調兩種版本)
This page shows 1 page sample along with sheet music player. Full sheet music contains 8 pages
Format of sheet music file is pdf
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Note: There is no guarantee that the MV completely consistent with the music played by the sheet music. Please listen to the sheet music player (completely consistent) on the top of this page for reference.
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Heize 演唱的"讓我停步吧(Hold Me Back)", 韓劇"淚之女王" OST P3,改編成鋼琴獨奏,和弦盡量貼近原曲,本琴譜難易度上屬於中等,此曲是Bb大調,旋律節奏稍複雜,和弦重複性高,伴奏型態多元.聽熟原曲有助學會彈奏,兩版共8頁(C大調放在前面(無轉調)),您可以只列印您需要的那4頁.這份琴譜提供的試聽音樂是由Overture產生.
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