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【DolceMochi】 巡音ルカ Megurine Luka - ラストソング Last Song
This is a 1 page sample along with sheet music player. Full sheet music contains 4 pages
完整琴譜是 pdf 格式
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巡音ルカ Megurine Luka - ラストソング Last Song

鋼琴:Christine (DolceMochi)

好聽的巡音歌曲, 改編成稍為加快速度的鋼琴版。A大調, 共4頁。如需轉載請分享本頁網址 LINK
12月12日(六) 廷廷鋼琴窩音樂網聚 熱烈報名中!
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@angel17__ These are not Japanese kanjis these are Chinese and you need to pay for the sheet using credit cards etc.
Posted at 2014-09-27 am 11:19
Please somebody!!! I don't understand the kanjis. I would like to play Megurine Luka - Last song in piano, but I don't no how I can load up any sheet. Please somebody tell me, and I can download the sheet. Tank you
Posted at 2014-08-31 am 01:28

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