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高山青-Jazz版 | Linlin Piano/五分鐘鋼琴 改編
This is a 1 page sample along with sheet music player. Full sheet music contains 4 pages
Format of sheet muisc file is pdf
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融合了bossanova &jazz風味的高山青、是否您也感受到這旋律的美好呢?歡迎⏬它!
★★本琴譜編譜者Linlin Piano是廷廷鋼琴窩品質認證過的編譜達人!如您有改編樂曲或製譜的需求,可點LINK填寫需求請他客製化編製樂譜!
This sheet uploader Linlin Piano pass the quality certification
You can request Linlin Piano to compose the sheet music
電鋼琴半夜彈琴可戴耳機不怕吵, 空間輕巧又便宜

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