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David Lanz 大衛藍茲 - Leaves On The Seine
Uploaded at 2008-03-30
Comments: 1
淡淡的憂傷~ 很喜歡這首歌... 沒有設Sustain Pedal和Soft Pedal, 情感方面請自己斟酌, 喜歡踩重一點或踩輕一點看自己的感覺囉! 聽到的MP3 DanBow踩的Sustain Pedal大概是OVE軟體內的95左右. (MP3 320Kbps 48000Hz Stereo 錄的,大約10MB 4分21秒).
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大衛藍茲 卡農變奏曲
Uploaded at 2007-11-22
Comments: 26
DavieLanz - Variations On A Theme From Pachelbels Canon In D
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9月28日(六) 廷廷鋼琴窩音樂網聚 熱烈報名中!