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Points earning instruction

廷廷 Posted at 2012-04-03 pm 01:17

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Another version of points purchasing instruction by Alexsheen is recommended. 

Points purchasing instruction (From Alexsheen's Blog)   


There are two ways to earn points. (1) Purchase Points By Payment

 PayPal 、Credit Card(VISA / Master / American Express)


     【Click Me to Purchase Points by PayPal or Credit Card】 

          Once the transaction is successful, the system will give you the points immediately.  Click Me to view how many points you have right now (2) Uploading Piano Scores:

Uploading the piano scores whose copyright belongs to MPA台北市著作權代理人協會. Once the score is accepted, you will get 100 points per score. Afterwards, you will get 10% of the amount of the points the visitor paid to download your score. 

【Read Me Before You Upload the piano score】 Q&A

(1)How to use the points to download the piano score?

Click Me to Read the instruction

After the points deduction of the piano score, you will have maximum 10 times to re-download the same piano score in every format (either OVE format or PDF format).

(2) Expiration date of the points ?

Ans : No expiration, don't worry !


Any Question ? Please click me for online support, we will reply to you as soon as possible, thank you !

廷廷 Posted at 2012-04-03 pm 01:17
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100 pointsn
Posted at 2015-04-07 am 11:14
Hi I am from Iran and I am a fan of your site. I wanted to ask you a piano sheet to send me this song
Connie's Butterfly I'm in dire need of a new member of this site and I could not find piano sheet in iran
I will be grateful if you send me the that piano sheet
It's hard to find in international credit card
please help me
hosein asadi from tehran/iran
Posted at 2015-01-02 am 09:30
wait we need to make our own music?
Posted at 2014-11-29 am 12:19
the site is awesome
Posted at 2013-12-20 am 11:16
what kind of sheet music? our own scores?
Posted at 2013-11-22 pm 08:17
i hope i can too
Posted at 2013-11-21 pm 09:50
it is good
Posted at 2013-11-10 am 11:18
no good ... i am unable to upload the scores..
Posted at 2013-08-30 pm 03:32
it is good
Posted at 2013-06-15 pm 09:32
Posted at 2013-05-27 pm 06:45
Posted at 2013-03-24 am 05:06
-sigh- I don't even live in China, how do I upload MPA scores = -= unfair
Posted at 2013-02-17 am 12:57
Posted at 2013-02-11 am 02:40
hi hi~
basically you need to submit your own score before you get points to download
Posted at 2013-02-02 am 06:10
Posted at 2013-01-07 am 08:59
Very good
Posted at 2012-12-19 pm 03:24
it use to be free =(
Posted at 2012-10-28 pm 01:01
so good
Posted at 2012-09-28 pm 07:38
these songs are nice!!
Posted at 2012-07-14 pm 06:51
very good!
Posted at 2012-07-11 am 10:33