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Profile Sheet
音樂背景 專業業餘
最高畢業學校名稱 University of Alberta
教學地點 台北市
教學經驗 2~3年
教授項目 古典鋼琴,樂理,即興演奏,歌曲歌詞創作,英文會話,英文文法(全部科目都可以雙語授課,如果學生想用英文上課,請告知。)




Summary of Qualifications資格符合

Capable to teach students English and Piano Improvisation.

Extensive experience living and traveling abroad in East Asia and North America

Understanding theoretical concepts of learning a new language, and apply them to actual classroom situations.

 Able to empower students to succeed and realize their individual goals and promote the lingual philosophical goals of the school


General Skill 基本專長

Reliable and honest

Enjoy contributing to a team effort

Strong and precise keyboarding skills

More than ten years of experience in music

Experience in song composing and lyric writing

Over one year experience working with students

Speak four languages – Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Japanese

Ability to come up with a song within two minutes through inspiration

Knowledge in teaching the fundamentals of the English

Capable in developing a course outline, planning lessons in detail what will be taught and how the course material will be delivered


Career Experience 工作經驗

English and Mandarin language tutoring

Demonstrated passion for working in unity with the team-members

Devised comprehensive lessons, games, which captured the students’ imaginations

Online reviewed and corrected articles with an emphasis on providing feedback to the language learners


Volunteer Experience義工經歷

Japanese club, English Tutor

加拿大 日加俱樂部 英文老師

Japanese Gospel Choir, Piano Accompanist

加拿大 JAVAN合唱團 鋼琴伴奏

Grace Church Orchestra band, Piano Accompanist

台北懷恩堂 管弦樂團 鋼琴伴奏

Lake View Senior Care, Music Therapist

加拿大 溫哥華 老人中心 音樂治療師


Employment History 工作經歷

Contemporary Pianist  鋼琴師

Bellaroma Pizzeria & Restorante

English Tutor  英文家教


Piano Tutor  鋼琴家教