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Sheet music download instruction

廷廷 Posted at 2012-04-20 pm 02:55

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 Another version of sheet music dowload instruction by Alexsheen is recommended.

Sheet music download Instruction (from Alexsheen's blog) 


To use the English interface, please select the right language on the left top corner of the site


You need to login before downloading sheet music. Please Sign up or Sign up with facebook account as a member, and then login.


Sheet Music are divided in to two Categories.

  1. Categories 1 : Free (no copyright issue)
  2. Categories 2 : Not Free (due to copyright of MPA (台北市著作權代理人協會)

For those not free, each sheet music costs 40~70 points depending on its quality and popularity. To read points earning instruction, please click the link highlighed belowed.

How to download sheet music ?  

Enter the sheet music page (example), and press the download button highlighted belowed.


After clicking the download button, the popup window will show up as the following figure along with required points if the sheet music is not free. Click the link highlighted in the following figure, and save the sheet music file to your disk.

The click action will invoke points deduction. To view the points deduction records and the residual points you have, or re-download the sheet music you had purchased, please mouse over your account name on the top part of the site, and click [My Points] highlighted in the following figure. You will have maximum 10 times to re-download  the sheet music you had purchased in both OVE or PDF format without re-deducting the points again. 

Sheet music format
Required software
PDF format Acrobat Reader
ZIP、RAR (compressed file) WinRAR
OVE format

Overture 4.0 Chinese Version (Windows)

For more information about Overture

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廷廷 Posted at 2012-04-20 pm 02:55
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